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Jake Mahaffy's latest film WELLNESS  recently won SXSW. The film won the Grand Jury Award in the Narrative Competition there at SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX.  SXSW is touted as one of the most significant independent film festival occurring in the United States at this time.  WELLNESS was filmed here in Warren, PA and our city played numerous roles.  Indeed Warren was one of the cast.  The film has been well received since its World Premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2008.  Filmed entirely in Warren with a cast from Warren, well OK there was a few folks from out of town.   Nevertheless it is a Warren film.   No doubt of that fact.  The cast needs introduced before going any further. so as it appeared in the film credits.


In order of appearance..


Jeff Clark

Paul Mahaffy

Jeremy Peterson

Mary Farr

Jim Cheronis

Gladys Reid

Stephen Nelson

Chris Darling

Laurie Crossley

Leslie Lewis

Byron West Jr.

Byron West

Marcy & Greg Huey

Linda & Daryll Robinault

Laura Merchant

Martha Burdick

Jackie Cameron

Willard Weatherby

Tina Johnson

Richard Hines

Nancy Spicer

Craig Meyers

Sandi Tudor

Lori & Sterling Pollaro
Samantha Whitaker

Lisa Warner

Carolyn Yurick

Lil Hankele

Jerry & Skylar Lester

Lisa Edgar

Dan Warmbrodt


Special thanks to.


Beverly Health Center

Red Carpet Inn

Warren Mall


Mid-Town Motors

Allegheny Book Mart

American Legion Post 135

Fox Mart

JND Diner

Crone's Pharmacy

Warren City Offices

Warren Railcar


Busy Bee Restaurant

O-So-White Laundromat

Warren Public Library


There were also these folks who were filmed but not in the film.


Vic Valone

Louise Cable

Deb Hagberg

Priscilla Sidon

Valerie Shaw 

Frank Goddell    

Anna Stanko

Mabel Davis

Dave Baker

Rebica Clark

Alex Clark

Janet Lilli

Emily Colvin

Savannah Carlson

Abby English

Sally Morrison     

Dean Gray

Steve French

John Brecht,         

Ann Brecht            

Barry & Doreen Clark       

Bill & Sara Wilson          

Bill & Peggy Bullock 

Perfect Image Salon


Locations filmed but not in the film.

Allegheny Book Mart   

Numerous personal homes

Warren State Hospital 

Liberty Street Marketplace

Liberty Street Café   


So you can see WELLNESS is indeed a Warren film.  Arrangements to present a screening of WELLNESS here in Warren are currently underway.  A date has not been set, but it shouldn't be too long.  FYI there have been quite a few reviews, interviews and news releases regarding WELLNESS.  You can find them all online by searching with the keywords "Jake Mahaffy Wellness" also try "blogs Jake Mahaffy Wellness".  Here are a couple links to get you started.