Hiking/ Biking/ Skiing
Hiking, Biking and Skiing are popular ways for nature enthusiasts to visit Warren County.
Hundreds of miles of trails with scenic vistas await in the Allegheny National Forest 
and Chapman State Park. Huge rock formations, deposited by glaciers are found
throughout the county.
Some of the views are breathtaking.

Popular Hikes

Hector’s Run Falls Hike

Hector’s Run Falls is located in the Allegheny National Forest, between Route 6 in Ludlow and Route 948 in Barnes. The best access is via Route 6. WARNING: There are steep cliffs at the falls, and cell phone service drops off about half-way into the hike. Wear footwear with good tread, and be careful when hiking… Continue reading


Hike among the Giant Rocks

This is not so much a “hike”, as an exploration. A ridge, several hundred yards long, made of giant glacial rocks, with numerous cracks, crevices, and caves. Perfect for careful exploration. This rock formation is located on Forestry Road 179, near Sheffield. Watch the video for a preview of this area. The last few minutes of… Continue reading


Bent Run Waterfalls Hike

Bent Run is a small stream that descends between Forest Road 160 and Route 59, above the Kinzua Dam. Over the mile it descends, the water drops about 700 feet in a series of small cascades, ending in small pools. The largest waterfall is about 30 feet, when the stream is at capacity. A series… Continue reading


Hickory Creek Wilderness Trail

This 11.1 mile trail is located approximately one half mile north of Hearts Content Recreation Area along SR2002 (the Hearts Content Road), 15 miles southwest of Warren, PA. the and forms a loop through the Hickory Creek Wilderness. SPECIAL NOTICE TO HICKORY CREEK WILDERNESS TRAIL HIKERS This trail is marked infrequently with faded yellow blazes.… Continue reading


Hearts Content Interpretive Trail Hike

This 10.5 kilometer (6.4 mile) trail utilizes old railroad grades, roads and existing trails to form several loops for your skiing pleasure. Of significance is the old growth forest of hemlock, beech and white pine in the Hearts Content National Scenic Area – enjoy the solitude and grandeur of these ancient trees. Finding the area:… Continue reading


Rimrock Overlook Hike

The hike to Rimrock Overlook can be easily made in less than 10 minutes on the man-made pathway. A series of steps and board walkways help you descend to the main overlooks. These overlooks offer spectacular views of the Allegheny Reservoir and Allegheny National Forest. Another set of steps, carved in the stone, take you… Continue reading


Jakes Rocks Overlook Hike

The hike to Jakes Rocks Overlook can be easily made in less than 10 minutes on the fairly level, paved pathway, making this a very easy hike for nearly anyone. The overlooks offer spectacular views of the Kinzua Dam and Allegheny Reservoir. Commonly seen wildlife in this area includes birds, chipmunks, squirrels, grouse, and whitetail deer.… Continue reading


A rock-climber's dream... only 10 minutes from downtown Warren!!!
This hillside is covered in huge glacial rock deposits - photo taken while standing on top of one as big as a house!!!
Tread quietly and you will probably encounter some of our wildlife.
If you explore off the beaten path, be sure to bring a compass and/ or a GPS unit. For the less adventurous explorers, there are many gated forestry
roads in the Allegheny National Forest and gated access roads
in the State Game Lands  that make for a leisurely hike or ride.
Morgan Latshaw atop one of these HUGE rocks - note the cave at left side of pic and below
I'm not going in...
The Rimrock area, off Route 59, offers some spectacular scenery and a hiking trail that goes down through these huge glacial rock formations.
Part of the trail in the Rimrock area

Bent Run WaterfallThe Bent Run area, near the Kinzua Dam, has a hiking trail that allows you to view the natural waterfalls of Bent Run. The photo on the left was taken just below the Bent Run Access parking area, east of the Kinzua Dam, with Route 59 behind me. The other trail climbs up away from the road, providing more scenic views. The best time to visit is after a rain, when the stream is swollen, rather than a trickle. Tread lightly and carefully, as the rocks are very slippery. More photos in the Photo Gallery.
Interested in group hikes or cave exploration?
Be sure to check out Allegheny Outdoor Adventures and join them for a day.

The North Country National Scenic Trail runs through a small section of Warren County.
The North Country Trail is a nation-long hiking trail, soon to be 4300 miles.
 "Gold Standard". There are 96 miles of the North Country Trail in
 the Allegheny National Forest. The section that is in Warren County is from east
of Ludlow to west of Tionesta Scenic area.
(North Country Trail information courtesy of Keith Klos, president of the ANF Chapter of the
North Country Trail Association. You may contact Keith for more information.)
Shelter along the North Country Trail
Bridge on the North Country Trail
Nelse Bay, along the North Country Trail - Photo by Keith Klos
Hearts Content Recreation Area is in a class by itself,
when it comes to hiking and cross-country skiing.
This area has a camping area, as well as educational trails and exhibits.
It is located on Hearts Content Road,between Rte. 337 (Pleasant Drive, out of Warren)
White Pine Exhibit at Heart's Content